Market Data Program

The value of market data has become increasingly important as another way to evaluate your business. We are pleased to announce that NAED has partnered with D+R International to develop and administer an NAED-owned electrical distribution market share program. It will provide NAED's distributor members with market share reports by geography, customer segment, and product category. 


The NAED Market Data Program is unique for the industry because it is being developed by your peers who work with data every day. They have the knowledge and foresight to look past what has been done, to what could be done to provide the most up-to-date market data that will meet the needs of all NAED distributor members, from local to national levels.


However, the success of this tool will depend on your participation. We need your data to provide the best program available. Your data will be in good hands since confidentiality and security are paramount. NAED will never see your unaggregated data and our third-party provider will have agreements in place so you can be certain your data is safe.

Who is D+R International?

After a rigorous search for the right indpendent, third-party research provider to oversee the NAED Market Data Program, NAED's distributor task force selected D+R International -- a company with more than 30 years' experience performing market-leading analysis of confidential, complex data relating to products. 


D+R guarantees your data will be held strictly confidential. While NAED never has access to your company's sales information, contractual mechanisms are in place for NAED to retain ownership and legal control of the aggregated data. All activity on the Market Data web portal will be conducted in a safe and secure environment


Click here to watch a video and learn more about the team at D+R International.

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