Market Data Case Studies

As the NAED Market Data Program grows, NAED will continue to post case studies from industry peers using similar market data programs to forecast their products and placement in the industry.

HARDI – Heating, Air-conditioning & Refrigeration Distributors International

In the case of the HVAC industry, most industry data was coming from the manufacturers. “It’s similar to NAED’s situation where within the supply chain, different actors may be mostly aligned, but ultimately approaching the system from their own perspective. Having their own aggregate data allows the distributors, and NAED, to better represent their interests,” explains Swope. As an added benefit, the tool D+R developed for HARDI has improved how the industry looks at product categories. “The secondary benefit has been better harmonization within the industry about how products are categorized. Because all members get similar reporting, everyone is looking at products the same way,” shared Swope.

Border States

Sheri Else of Border States discusses the NAED Market Data Program with tED magazine at the NAED National Meeting 2018.


Dave Sandora of WESCO discusses the NAED Market Data Program with tED magazine at the NAED National Meeting 2018. 





Joanne Moss of Standard Electric Supply reported to tED magazine at the NAED National Meeting, “Most of you don’t have data analysts on your staff. By participating, you get to play on the same level as any size distributor without having to add staff or spending a lot of money to get the information. They will even help you interpret it if you want. It takes the mistakes out of forecasting.”


NAED Market Data Program Debut

NAED owns the Market Data Program and every participant will have access to a dashboard with options for managing permissions on a company level. The administrator for each distributor will be able to select and assign roles for employees who interact with the system. The two initial primary roles relate to data and reporting. For example, the CEO may not want details, but more of an overview. In this case, the administrator can give them access only to reporting functions.

On the other hand, vice presidents or managers in operations or sales may be responsible for uploading and analyzing data or the vice president or manager of sales may be responsible for uploading and analyzing data, but also want to generate reports. Over time, as users get more familiar with the system, they may find they want more reports than what’s available. Because NAED owns the program, we will be able to expand or change the suite of reports available based on member feedback and any new enhancements to the program in the future.