your safety & security inspection

A Subscription Process Built for Confidentiality

Take the program for a test drive. Let us show you all the features the program has to offer and soon you will be imagining how the Market Data Program can help you drive more sales resulting in a better bottom line.

NAED has put together these materials for you to do your preliminary research about this program. When you are ready, the first step is contacting NAED to schedule a phone call, webinar or demonstration of the Market Data Program. We're also available to answer your immediate questions or concerns before any demonstrations are scheduled. 

Take a Test Drive

NAED invites you to take a test drive of this program. We want to highlight all of the features and let you view the software in action so you can imagine your company in the driver's seat of the program. When you are ready, the first step is scheduling your demonstration with NAED.

Safety & Security Inspection

At this phase of the onboarding you will feel confident that this program is the best option for your company. Both partners will sign necessary legal and contractual agreements to ensure the highest standards and confidentiality are maintained. 

Training & Support Never End

After all contracts are signed and your company has officially completed the Market Data Program's official onboarding NAED and D+R International will help you ease into your new market data platform. We're always available to help your business succeed! 

The Future Looks Bright – You're Leading the Way

At this point, your company will be charging ahead of the competition with results worth bragging about and new insights about your business in the marketplace. NAED will follow up with you prior to your expiration date and begin the subscription renewal process.